Piltdownman (1973) Rob Pincham, Graham Eckersly, Honeyboy, 'Big' Al Taylor and Nicky Garrett (UK Subs)

Hickling-Taylor Blues Band (1975) 'Big' Al Taylor, Honeyboy, Graham Eckersly and Anthony Thistlethwaite - (Waterboys)

Steam Heat (1976) Mick Pini, John Southgate,' Little' Al Sansom, Honeyboy and Chris Lewitt

D.T.'s (MK1, 1981) Stuart Wilson, Craig Rhind, Honeyboy, Chris Drayton and 'Big' Al Taylor

D.T.'s (MK2, 1988) Steve Walwyn (Dr Feelgood), Chas Chaplin, Honeyboy and Craig Rhind

Bo Diddley and Honeyboy (1982)

Dr John and Honeyboy (1983)

Honeyboy touring with Carey Bell (1988)

Steve Marriott and Honeyboy (1989)

The Two Monarchs (1989)

Steve Walwyn, Craig Rhind, Honeyboy, Steve Marriott and Chas Chaplin (1988)

The Blue Stars (1991) Simon Clarke, Simon Edwards, Roddy Lorimer, Tim Sanders, Mick Taylor (Stones), Anthony Thistlethwaite and Honeyboy

Steve Gibbons and Honeyboy (1982)

Honeyboy, Steve Gibbons and Gerry McAvoy (JB's 1995)

Steve Gibbons and Honeyboy (Queens 2002)

Honeyboy, Tony Stuart and Big Al Taylor (Hartlepool 2002)

Bejar Blues Festival, Band plus Javier (seated) and two unknowns (2002)

Spain 2003

Tony Baylis, Tony Stuart, Honeyboy, with new guitarist Bob Wilson and tour manager' Chuchi'